St Gall University: The current insurtech landscape

current insurtech landscape

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An analysis report was recently published by two researchers from the Institute of Insurance Economics at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, in cooperation with Swiss Re. They are Alexander Braun and Florian Schreiber. This 194-page report is titled “ The current insurtech landscape – Business models and disruptive potential “. The reputation of the university and the support of Swiss Re give some clues about the quality of the report in question!

The aim of the report is ambitious and triple:

  • Establish an inventory of insurtech environments around the world, and understand which categorizations are used;
  • Propose a more relevant categorization that makes the business model issues appear better
  • Study the potential for disruption and possible reactions of traditional insurers.

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Selfie-Insurance: underwriting on physical appearance

assurance au selfie

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A recent communication from Quilt, the us-based company offering an insurance underwriting based upon a selfie, has been massively shared (especifically in France on this very good blog). More shared anyway than this article published in june about Lapetus, the underlying technology! It is the opportunity to come back to the operating model, the advantages and the drawbacks to keep in mind. Continue reading “Selfie-Insurance: underwriting on physical appearance”